This is Me!

Thanks for your interest! There's a prospectus to download in a while but first, call me old fashioned, but I believe that if you’re thinking of working with someone,  you should know a little bit about them first.

Not the one on the left!!

I’m the slightly less skinny one on the right. 
(OK look, I’m a busy mum of 3 which feels like being a busy mum of 6 sometimes and I have a weakness for pizza. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

That other lovely lady is Tess Daly by the way - her daughter Amber loved her SleepUnder back in June 2018.

 (OK, I’ve put that there to show off. 
If you can’t brag about these little wins hey…?!)

My name is Sarah
and about 9 years ago I started a children’s pamper party business to earn some money on the side.
(the kids were shooting up faster than the cost of living and I needed some income, you know how it is…) 

It got really busy and all was well and good with the world! 

For a while anyway….
...It started getting
to run around after the kids at parties 
AND do all the work on my own, 

THEN spend all the time organising behind the scenes 

AND do all the marketing on top. 
So I spoke to my brother, Jay about how it felt like a

He's got a bit of a business head on him. “It’s because it’s a hard model to scale!!” came the reply...

 “You can’t charge any more, so the only way you could grow (and therefore become more comfortable) was to have more parties going on at once”

I had to find someone I could rely on to do other parties. 

Someone who had the same energy as me but also the organisational skills AND someone who was trustworthy

I could maybe find somebody but after paying them and paying for supplies I’d probably ONLY end up with around £40.  

And that didn’t seem like much recompense for having DOUBLE the stress!

- - - - 

To double my earnings, then, I’d have to have FIVE Sarahs out there doing what I do and I’d have SIX TIMES the headache. 

Plus I’d have to sell these parties in the first place and worry about payments, staff being ill and many other problems besides… ugh!

This is the way the world is set up and why it's so hard to grow a business...
- - - -

Like anyone that sets out to work for themselves - I was spending less and less time doing what I loved and more time being stressed out.
 I felt older. 

I felt deflated. 

I couldn’t carry on.

Enough was enough!
(...and I gave up)
Fast forward a couple of years
I was idly scrolling through facebook...
I discovered something utterly gorgeous

There was a lady in New Zealand who was offering these cute little tents out to hire for kids parties.
“They look really sweet” 
I thought, and carried on about my day. 

But it ate away at me over the following few days and weeks.

I realised that she could set up four or five different parties in one DAY, and then go and collect them all the next. 


she was charging the same per party that I used to charge!
She could easily make $1,500 on a weekend (@$300 per party) 
without much stress and if she got really busy (which she did!) all she had to do was rope in a friend/family member and show them how to screw together the wood.

I was done.

  •  No more worrying about having to be “The Entertainer” on days when I’ve struggled to get out of the house after no sleep and with snot dribbling from my nose (sorry for the TMI).
  • No more relying on having me with a specific set of skills present to make my customers happy.
  • And 
  •  No more having to be away from the family ALL day because “mummy had to go and do a party”
So we'll show you the prospectus  in just a sec

but if you can spare just THREE minutes . . .
(we've timed it BTW!) 
I want to tell you a tiny bit about how far SleepUnder has come in such a short space of time.
SleepUnder Ltd.
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU