You're Half Way There...
Enter: SleepUnder
The start of something great.
So, my brother, Jay, and I started SleepUnder in early 2018 and it took off really quickly. 

That's him, by the way, with another business of his. Bloody big head... 
(No, seriously, look at that BIG HEAD!)

East Midlands Chamber Of Commerce
Entrepreneur Of The Year
Now, you’ve already had a lot to read 
so I’m going to skip over the parts about:

- the MONTHS of trial and error

- the HUNDREDS of hours of heartache 


- THOUSANDS of pounds to get everything working properly 
because that’s the boring bit….
(That is the part of Rocky that was made up of montage. 

I’m sure you can picture him now - punching bags, skipping ropes and all)

Montage over... 
- we had built a system that markets and sells parties, deals with the customers AND manages all the confirmations and payments.

All we had to do now was deliver tents.

...and maybe do some 'facebooking'.



And the tents were just beautiful...
Bookings quickly grew with each month that went past. 
People just got so excited and the idea was just so shareable that marketing was actually REALLY FUN! 

So we started delivering them. 
Dozens of them. All over the country Every week.

What was more exciting was when we realised that other mums that we knew wanted to do the same and were asking where we got such beautiful tents from.
(FYI: we actually made them ourselves at first as the ones for sale on the internet were of a really shoddy quality. Now we have them done by a manufacturer to our standards)
It suddenly struck us…
We realised that we could sell the tents too!
To other people all over the country who wanted to recreate what we do.

Then we realised, the true value of what we had created was not just in some tents.
"Why just give people our awesome tents, when we could give them everything...
We could roll in:
  •  The Brand that really gets people excited about what we do
  •  The Sytem that saves us time and money
  • and
  •  Access To Our Extensive Online Reach that we now pay out thousands of pounds a month for (yes seriously).
but most importantly (and this is the one SINGLE key to our success), we could share:

that gets us bookings. Like clockwork, every single DAY
(more on that later…)
So, another montage...
and we started to link up with other people around the country.

Combining everybody’s resources to ‘buy more eyeballs’ which accelerated the growth further and so on.

- - - - - - -
We realised we had a great model. 
One that could be rapidly set up in new areas across the country and prove again and again
 that (with support from us) each NEW business can go from a standing start to being very busy

In a very short space of time.
We had a proper little baby business forming...

...And it has quickly grown up!

We now have franchises up and down the country and 
new partners coming on board every month!

I know that was a lot to get through and I know all you’re thinking is:


You’ve been very patient. Thank you.

On the next page you will learn everything you need to know about what is involved in joining us.
SleepUnder Ltd.
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU